Monday, March 17, 2014

Learning a new Language

When visiting another country it is a good idea to learn at least some basics of the language. While looking up what to pack on a European trip (Steph Travels -great tips for packing, planning and traveling in Europe), I stumbled across a link to Radio Lingua which does a One Minute Language series in several popular languages. If you are going to be visiting more than one country on a European trip, this would be a great way to learn the basics of a language before or during your trip. The One Minute Language series teaches you greetings and frequently used phrases to give you the basics of the language needed for visiting another country.  You can download each lesson individually for free or download all ten from the iTunes store for $7.99. You can also purchases courses to learn even more. Definitely check them out if you are interested in learning a few basic greetings and phrases in another language.  

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