Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rocco's Restaurant, San Clemente, CA

Finally made it to Rocco's Restaurant earlier this week. The restaurant serves Latin and European cuisine.  Do not mistake La Rocco's Pizzeria (This may be a great place, but I have not eaten there so I can not vouch for it) for Rocco's Restaurant which is just a few blocks down the street. Please, please, please go if you are in the area. The ambiance was cozy and inviting and the food was fantastic. There was also a man playing the guitar for most of our meal.

We were served little bites of cornbread with aioli.  This was a sophisticated version of corn dog breading (without the hot dog) and the aioli added a nice flavor.

Next, we had the tuna empanadas. They were served with a side of lettuce with balsamic dressing as well as bit of what we think was pesto for dipping. The empanadas were tasty, though think there could have been more filling in them. This would be a great appetizer to split with a small group.

Sam and split the pesto linguine which was one of the specials. The pesto was very creamy and flavorful. The shrimp were cooked perfectly and were a nice addition to the pasta, cheese and pesto. The portions are large enough to split especially if you get an appetizer to share first. Be aware that there is a $2 charge for splitting entrees (this is clearly noted on the menu). I'd rather pay the $2 than have to take half my meal home and have it not taste as good the next day.

I enjoyed a glass of Hob Nob Pinot Noir from France. It was $9/glass which is a little on the higher end for this area. There was a pretty good selection of wine, but not much of a beer selection for those of you prefer your alcohol in the hoppy variety.

Our friend whom dined with us had one of the seafood pastas with a red sauce. I enjoyed a few bites of his meal, but enjoyed mine much more. I thought the red sauce was a little bland for my taste.  The scallop that I tried was very tender.

We finished the meal with a chocolate tiramisu.  I normally don't care for this Italian dessert as I don't care for coffee.  I easily ate half of this while Sam was trying to fight me off with his spoon. The desserts are not listed on the menu, so be sure to ask your server for the days selection of tasty treats.

 Complimentary cornbread 

 My portion of one of the specials: pesto linguine. So creamy!

Chocolate Tiramisu 

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